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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Best Scottish Tours Testimonial

I want to tell you how much we appreciated your tour of Scotland. It is a country we have wanted to visit for years because ancestors of both me and my husband came from there. We did a lot of research on how to tour, and we chose to see your Scotland, the real Scotland, after looking at the tour description on your web site. Your tour was everything we wanted and everything you said it would be. But, to call it a tour does not do it justice. It was an intimate journey with you and your fellow Scots sharing your country, your culture, and your day-to-day lives with us. We wanted to meet the real Scots and were delighted to be able to talk to so many of them. From the gentleman in the pub in Arbroath Harbor, to the homeowner in Falkland who was preparing for the flower contest, to the shopkeeper near the Palace of Holyroodhouse who explained how bagpipes are made, and many, many more, the people were friendly, sincere, and had a keen sense of humor.

You showed us incredible scenery from lush, velvety mountains to colorful harbor towns. My personal favorite was the stop at Glen Quiach in the Perthshire Highlands. The serenity of the mountains and glen took on a sacred feel as you described the people who once lived there and how they were forced from their homeland. The history of Scotland was brought to life by our stops at places such as the Dunnottar Castle, the Isle of Skye Croft Museum, and the Pictish stone at the Glamis Manse. The Dupplin Cross from the ninth century was awesome and something we would never have seen on any other tour.

I especially want to thank you for the visit to the graveyard in Monikie where David was able to see and photograph his ancestors’ gravestones and for going to all of the effort to enable us to visit the farm where the family had lived. Those two stops were emotional high points of the tour and meant a great deal to us.

I know you made a Herculean effort to keep us dry during the rainy days, and it was fun to venture off into a storm free direction and see the sites. There was always a wonderful experience at each stop. The clear blue skies on the Isle of Skye made for incredible sightseeing. The landscapes and the ocean views were breathtaking. Skye has to be the best-kept secret in Scotland. It was the perfect, relaxing way to conclude the tour.

We have looked at our photos many, many times since returning home and will continue to enjoy the memories of the trip of a lifetime. Our tour of Scotland has also made us rethink some of the things we do. The Scots obvious love and appreciation for the land touched us. I am already taking more time to tend to my gardens after seeing the beautiful plants that surround all of the homes in Scotland.

Sandy, please keep doing what you are doing because you do it so well. With our deepest gratitude and appreciation, thank you,
Kathy Dove

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