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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Scottish Grannie

My grannie was weel kent to be no' canny. She had ways of doin' things and kennin' things that naebody could mak oot. At last she deeit, and she behoved to be buryit i' the Barr, that's a village on the ither side o' the hills, laigh doon by the Stinchar. When the funeral day cam', we carryit the coffin up the steep road, and when we were gettin' near the tap, and hadna mickle breath left, for the coffin was nae licht wecht, a fine-lookin' gentleman, ridin' a fine black horse, made up to us. Nane o' us kennt him or had seen him afore. But he rade alangside o' us, and cracked awa' maist croosely, and cheered us sae that we gaed scrievin' doon the brae on the ither side. Weel, you may jalouse we were a wee bit forfeuchen when we cam' to the kirkyard, and some o' us thocht we wadna be the waur o' bit drappie afore we gaed on wi' the buryin'. Sae we steppit into the public-hoose. Weel, ye mauna think we bydeit lang there, but losh me! when we cam' oot the coffin wi' my grannie in't was awa', and sae was the man an' the black horse. And to this day I canna tell what cam' ower them.

Archibald Geikie, 1835-1924.

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