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Friday, 6 March 2009

Best Scottish Marmalade Recipe

Best Scottish Marmalade Recipe.

To make a Marmalade of Oranges. Take your oranges, grate them, cut them in quarters, take the skins off them, and take the pulp from the strings and seeds; put the skins in a pan of spring-water. Boil them till they are very tender, then take them out of the water, and cut them in very thin slices; beat some in a marble mortar, and leave the thin slices to boil by themselves. To every pound of oranges put a pound of fine sugar; first wet the sugar in water, boil it a good while, then put in half of the pulp, keep the other half for the sliced oranges. To every Mutchkin of the pulp you must put in a pound of sugar likeways, then put in the grated rind. Boil till it is very clear, then put in Gallypots; when cold paper them.

It may have been this recipe, or one very similar, which was handed down from one Mrs Keiller to the next throughout the 18th century. As a centre of the preserving industry in Scotland, Dundee was the natural place for marmalade making to flourish. From the beginnings here have developed many modern varieties of many different flavours and textures. There are thick and thin ones. vintage varieties, some with whisky, as well as tangerine, lime and lemon ones.

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