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Monday, 6 April 2009

Scottish Song Annie Laurie

Scottish Song Annie Laurie. Annie Laurie is an old Scottish song based on poem by William Douglas (1672 to 1748) of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. The words were modified and the tune was added by Alicia Scott in 1834/5. The song is also known as Maxwelton Braes. William Douglas became a soldier in the Royal Scots and fought in Germany and Spain and rose to the rank of captain. He also fought at least two duels. He returned to his estate at Fingland in 1694. Traditionally it is said that Douglas had a romance with Anna, or Anne Laurie (16th December 1682 — 1761). Anna was the youngest daughter of Robert Laurie, who became first baronet of Maxwelton in 1685. The legend says that her father opposed a marriage. This may have been because Anna was very young; she was only in her mid-teens when her father died. It may also have been because of Douglas's aggressive temperament or more likely because of his Jacobite allegiances. It is known for certain that they knew of each because in a later letter by Anna she says in reply to news about Douglas "I trust that he has forsaken his treasonable opinions, and that he is content."

Douglas recovered from this romance and eloped with a Lanarkshire heiress, Elizabeth Clerk of Glenboig. They married in Edinburgh in 1706. Douglas's political beliefs forced him into exile. He became a mercenary soldier and sold his estate at Fingland in the 1720s, though eventually he received a pardon. Download Scottish Music.

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