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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Scottish Short Story Competition

Hi Sandy, We would love your writing group members to be involved in this so welcome to the monthly Global Short Story Competition, an exciting opportunity for undiscovered writers everywhere. Our previous UK competitions attracted writers from Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States as well as aspiring authors all across the UK and Ireland. So, we got to thinking that the time was ripe a for global short story competition, designed to discover exciting new talent. And who are we looking for? Well, we are not looking for the big names of the literary world, rather the talented authors who remain to be discovered, the voices which are as yet unheard, the stories as yet untold. As a published novelist and creative writing tutor, I know there is a lot of talent out there, much of it yet to be discovered. This competition will seek to find, and celebrate, it. Global Short Story Competition.

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