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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Scottish Priories

Tour Scotland Abbeys and Priories. Melrose Abbey Scotland. The Cistercian abbey of Melrose is perhaps the most beautiful of all Scottish monasteries. This first account in 50 years, by Scotland’s foremost medieval architectural historian and a leading medieval historian, draws on archaeological, architectural, and documentary evidence to show the nature of the monastic visitors, how the abbey’s great estates were administered, and why the architecture of the abbey church is the most important illustration of late Gothic architecture in Scotland. Melrose Abbey.

Scottish Abbeys and Priories. The medieval abbeys and priories are among the most inspiring buildings ever built on Scottish soil. But, with a few exceptions, Iona and the Border abbeys of Melrose and Jedburgh are the most obvious, they are not nearly as widely known as they deserve. Richard Fawcett brings to life the rich and varied history and architecture of Scotland's monastic orders, explaining: The earliest monasteries, the twelfth-century rival under King David I, the layout of the monastic buildings, the impact of the Reformation, the visible remains of most monastic sites. Apart from describing, and illustrating, in detail such highlights as Dunfermline, St Andrews and Arbroath, the author covers the many other foundations for the monks, canons and friars of Scotland. The reader will also learn of orders, the Tironensians and the Valliscaulians, virtually unknown in England, and will discover that Iona's contribution to the christianization of Britain was more permanent than that of St Augustine in Kent. Scottish Abbeys and Priories: (Historic Scotland Series).

The Pattern of Our Days. Worship in the Celtic Tradition from the Iona Community. Each Wednesday on Iona, the Iona Community invites all those staying on the island, whether in the Abbey, the MacLeod Centre, or elsewhere, to join in a pilgrimage around Iona, visiting places of historical or religious significance and reflecting on our own journeys of faith. The Pattern of Our Days: Worship in the Celtic Tradition from the Iona Community.

Celtic Prayers from Iona. Based on the rhythms and images of Celtic oral tradition, these morning and evening prayers are a week's cycle of daily worship used by the ecumenical community of Iona, the most famous of Celtic shrines. Written in calligraphy. Celtic Prayers from Iona.

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