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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Scottish West Highland Tales

Scottish West Highland Tales. In the Highlands of Scotland the Seanachie, or Bard, occupies an honoured place in the household of every clan chief. The multitude of tales they told were passed on from generation to generation over many centuries, yet the stories still retain their vivid sharpness and interest. Fitzroy Maclean himself assumes the role of storyteller in this book, with a personal collection of favourite tales from his native land. Ranging from the thousand-year-old tale of ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’ to tales of brave warriors, treacherous love, and the mischievous or chilling influences of ghosts and spirits, this is an entertaining and evocative collection. Some stories are surprisingly candid and bawdy, some are shocking, many are very amusing, and all are marvellous testaments to the wonders of the human imagination. West Highland Tales.

Sir Fitzroy Maclean of Dunconnel, Fifteenth Keeper and Captain of Dunconnel in the Isles of the Sea, served as a diplomat, as a soldier and as an MP. He also enjoyed considerable success as an author; Eastern Approaches has sold over a million copies worldwide and he subsequently enjoyed huge success with an acclaimed biography of Bonnie Prince Charlie. One of Argyllshire’s best known characters, he lived at Strachur House and died in 1996.

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