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Saturday, 17 May 2008

Best Scottish Garden Plants

Best Scottish Garden Plants. Garden Plants for Scotland. Scotland is one of the best places in the world to garden. Its maritime climate, ample rainfall, and the rarity of severe droughts and really hot weather mean that huge numbers of plants grow well there. But the climate varies considerably, from the colder, wetter, windier mountainous areas to the west coast where tender plants can be grown outdoors all year round, and choosing plants that are suited to the local conditions is critical to success. Kenneth Cox and Raoul Curtis-Machin have evaluated the performance of thousands of plants in gardens all over Scotland, drawing on the knowledge and experience of many gardeners and nurserymen, and in this book they describe, with over 800 photographs, the most reliable shrubs, conifers, trees, fruit and perennials for Scotland. In this book Scottish gardeners will find accurate information and hundreds of great plants ideally suited to where they live. Garden Plants for Scotland.

The Scottish Gardener. Gardens can have many different functions: some exist to provide food or medicines, some for pleasure and recreation, while others serve to proclaim their owners' status, wealth and taste. People garden for a variety of reasons, and The Scottish Gardener looks at herbalists, plant collectors, nurserymen, botanists, artists and gardener's gardens. It explores monastic gardens, royal gardens, walled gardens and town and village gardens historically up to the present day. By focusing on sixty out of the thousands of Scottish gardens, this book asks if there is a distinctive tradition of Scottish gardening, how this has developed over time, and how it has been shaped by the climate, conflicts and changing fashions. The emphasis is very much on how gardeners stamp their own character on their gardens, so it is private not public gardens which are featured here. Information is given on visiting the gardens. The Scottish Gardener is illustrated throughout with Ray Cox's stunning colour photographs. The Scottish Gardener.

Scottish Plants for Scottish Gardens. Scottish Plants for Scottish Gardens.

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