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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Classic Scotland Tours

Classic Scotland Tour. To the Hebrides. Samuel Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands and James Boswell's Journal of a Tour. Samuel Johnson and James Boswell spent the autumn of 1773 touring through the Lowlands and Highlands of Scotland as far west as the islands of Skye, Raasay, Coll, Mull, Inchkenneth and Iona. Both kept detailed notes of their impressions, and later published separate accounts of their journey. These works contain some of the finest pieces of travel writing ever produced: they are also magnificent historical documents as well as portraits of two extraordinary men of letters. Together they paint a vivid picture of a society which was still almost unknown to the Europe of the Enlightenment. Entertaining, profound, and marvellously readable, they are a valuable chronicle of a lost age and a fascinating people. For the first time, Ronald Black's edition brings together Johnson's and Boswell's accounts of each of the six stages of the two men's journey - Lowlands, Skye, Coll, Mull and back to the mainland. Illustrated with prints by Thomas Rowlandson, it includes a critical introduction, translations of the Latin texts and brief notes. To the Hebrides: Samuel Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands and James Boswell's Journal of a Tour.

Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland. On a 663-mile journey through the Scottish Lowlands and southwestern Highlands in the late summer and early autumn of 1803, Dorothy Wordsworth kept a journal. Travelling with her brother William and, for a short time, Samuel Coleridge, she recorded the adventures, sights and landscape of their trip. Her journal returns to print in this volume that provides black-and-white photographs of the Scottish scenes described. Carol Kyros Walker has captured these places in a photographic essay that follows each week of Wordsworth's journal entries. Walker also contributes an introduction to locate events of the journey within their historical setting and to explain the significance of this trip for the three participants; a discussion of Dorothy Wordsworth's skills as a writer; extensive notes to clarify her many allusions; and a map of the itinerary. Travelling in an eccentric Irish jaunting car, a rudimentary horse drawn vehicle, the Wordsworth party encountered assorted strangers and a wild countryside. Wordsworth presents a series of vignettes, a brutish ferryman beats her horse; solicitous Highland girls laugh as they choose dry clothes for her and her brother writes a poem about them; and a hermit's cell near Killin, with its moss decorations, stuffed foxes and wooden books covered with leather, fills her with wonder. Samuel Rogers and Walter Scott are alive in these pages and mix of historical figures also appears, including Rob Roy, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns. Dorothy even incorporates early versions of her brother's poems in order to enhance own descriptions. Recollections of a Tour Made in Scotland.

Beyond the Tweed. A Tour of Scotland in 1858. Beyond the Tweed: A Tour of Scotland in 1858.

A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1772. Originally published in 1776, Thomas Pennant's Tour in Scotland and 18th century. Written after his five month journey through mainland Scotland and the Western Isles in the summer of 1772, Pennant paints a vivid picture of Scotland during the last quarter of the 18th century. Pennant had an eye for detail, and the account of his journeys includes a wealth of material regarding the physical features of the landscape, architectural details of buildings and the historical associations and local customs of the places he visited. He also writes of the people he met and the places he stayed, thus adding a human dimension to his travelogue. A Tour in Scotland and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1772.

Summer Tours in Scotland. Glasgow to the Highlands. The Royal Route, 1897. Originally published in 1897. MacBrayne's official guide book, with Time tables, Map and list of Fares, follows the routes of all the steamers, identifying the points of interest and essential services. Contemporary illustrations in black-and-white are reproduced, along with maps of the routes. Summer Tours in Scotland: Glasgow to the Highlands: The Royal Route, 1897.

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