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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Essence of Scotland

Essence of Scotland. Taste of Scotland. The food of Scotland reflects the glorious natural landscape; game from the heather-clad moors and dense forests; fresh fish caught from the seas, lochs and rivers; wild fruits, berries and herbs gathered from the hedgerows, and oats and barley harvested where the terrain allows. The dishes that stem from these ingredients are steeped in local history and tradition.

Celebrate the culinary heritage of Scotland in this delightful collection of 30 recipes ranging from the iconic haggis, celebrated in verse by national poet Robert Burns, to the finest shortbreads, bannocks and buns.

The book features authentic dishes from every region, including Roast Young Grouse and Cullen Skink from the Highlands; Traditional Bannocks and Herrings in Oatmeal from Orkney, Shetland and the other islands; as well as Potato Cakes, Kale with Mustard Dressing and Dunfillan Bramble Pudding from the Lowlands and Border country.

All the classic recipes are here, from Porridge and Scotch Broth to Mutton Hotpot and Dundee Cake. Learn how to make Neeps and Tatties, and the famous Clootie Dumpling.

Over one hundred atmospheric colour photographs illustrate every recipe, with key stages of preparation shown step by step. Discover the tastes and traditions of authentic Scottish home cooking, with thirty easy-to-follow recipes.

A wonderful sampler of dishes from the Scottish Highlands, Islands, Lowlands and Borders, with classics such as Scotch Broth, Cullen Skink, Haggis with Clapshot Cake, Stoved Chicken, Drop Scones and Highland Coffee.

Features warming Scottish soups, hearty stews, succulent roasts and a magnificent range of tasty bakes, cakes and desserts. A Taste of Scotland: The Essence of Scottish Cooking, with 30 Classic Recipes Shown in 120 Evocative Photographs.

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