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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Scottish Sweetmeats

Scottish Rock is far more difficult to make than Shortbread, as "pulling" is part of the process. If you are not a good puller, you should buy your rock in the same shops that sell the best shortbreads. But you might like to try Butter Scotch and Helensburgh Toffee, which are easier and almost as nice as the shop bought.

For the Scottish Butterscotch, dissolve over gentle heat a pound of brown sugar in an enamelled saucepan, add four ounces of well-beaten butter and stir together until it has boiled long enough to harden when dropped into cold water. Add some essence of lemon or a quarter-ounce of powdered ginger dissolved in a spoonful of water. Beat for some minutes with a fork, pour on to a buttered dish, and while it cools score into squares. These are easily broken off when cold.

For the Helensburgh Toffee stir two pounds of loaf sugar, four ounces of salt butter, a teacupful of water and a tin of condensed milk together in a thick pan for forty-five minutes. At the end of the forty-five minutes add a teaspoonful of vanilla and go on stirring off the fire for one minute longer. You will have learned to stir by that time. Pour into a buttered tin, dot with walnuts if you have them and any strength left. When cool cut into squares.

Best Scottish Cooking.

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