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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Best Scottish Heritage Food and Cooking

Best Scottish Heritage Food and Cooking. This beautiful celebration of Scotland and Scottish food presents a fascinating guide to the culinary heritage of an ancient country and an authentic collection of over 150 best-loved recipes.

Over 750 wonderful colour photographs include evocative images that capture the dramatic scenery and cultural life of Scotland, a superb picture of every recipe and easy-to-follow photographic step-by-step instructions.

An engrossing introduction introduces the natural landscape of Scotland, from the remote, windswept highlands and islands to the freshwater lochs and lowland pastures. The lives of the clans, fishermen and crofters are described, and the vast game parks, smoke houses and distilleries which are popular destinations for all visitors to the country. A comprehensive visual guide to the Scottish kitchen follows, focusing on local ingredients and delicacies, regional staples, and the methods of preparation and cooking. The main part of the book features over 150 recipes from every corner of the country, including a traditional seafood supper from the picturesque fishing village of Cullen, the Cullen Skink, and a game dish originally created as a celebratory feast for the clans of Loch Lomond, Venison Auld Reekie. Divided into chapters covering first courses, meat, poultry and game, fish and seafood, vegetables and desserts, the book also has special chapters on the Scottish breakfast, breads and bakes, preserves, and beverages. Both an evocative tour of a timeless and dramatic country, and a definitive guide to a unique culinary heritage, this cookbook is a classic reference and recipe resource. Scottish Heritage Food and Cooking. Best Scottish Cooking.

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