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Friday, 20 July 2007

Best Scottish Soup

Best Scottish Recipes, Best Scottish Soup.

Scotish Cock-a-Leekie Soup.
One small fowl, two quarts of water, two tablespoons of whole rice, one piece of turnip, six leeks, one carrot, salt, and if desired, add a bunch of herbs, parsley, two cloves and six peppercorns tied in a muslin bag. If fowl is old, boil for one hour or more before adding vegetables. Have vegetables washed in cold water and rice washed. Add carrot and turnip whole, leeks cut small, rice. Simmer for about one hour. Remove whole vegetables and the bag of herbs. Serve hot. If desired, part of the fowl may be diced and served in the soup.

Scottish Barley Soup.
One teacup of barley. One pint of water. One pint of milk. Walnut-sized piece of butter. Salt and pepper. One dozen spring onions chopped. Parsley. Wash barley and put on with water to boil slowly one hour. Make up quantity if it boils away. Add spring onions and boil fifteen minutes more. Add milk, butter and seasoning, and bring to boil again. Add chopped parsley and serve.

Scottish Bawd Bree. Scottish Hare Soup.
Hare. Carrot. Turnip. Onions. Salt and Pepper. Oatmeal. Skin and empty hare. Slit the membrane at end of breast-bone and allow blood to drain into bowl. Cut hare into pieces and wash well. Remove fleshy pieces from legs and back and set aside. Put remainder into pot and cover with cold water. Add salt, carrot and turnip and onion, and boil for one and a half hours if hare is young, longer if hare is old. Pour the blood through a hair sieve, add enough cold water to double the quantity and a handful of oatmeal. Add to soup and stir only one way to prevent curdling. Remove bones and vegetables. Cut flesh left on the bones into small pieces and return to soup. Season with pepper and salt and reheat. The fleshy parts may be made into jugged hare.

Fife Broth.
Ribs of pork. One cup of barley. Two pounds of potatoes. One teaspoon of dried mixed herbs. Seasoning. Cover ribs with water, add barley, herbs and seasoning, and simmer for three hours. For last half-hour, remove ribs, cut off any pieces of pork and return to pot, and add two pounds of peeled and sliced potatoes.

Scottish Fish Soup.
One quart of fish stock. Half a pint of milk. One and half ounces of butter. One and half ounces of flour. One tablespoonful of chopped parsley. Pepper and salt. To make the stock: Fish trimmings, or a haddock's or a cod's head. Cleanse and put in one quart of cold water and salt, bring slowly to the boil and skim thoroughly. Add one onion, one stick of celery, six white peppercorns and one blade of mace, simmer for forty minutes, then strain. To make the soup: Melt the butter, add the flour and fry for two or three seconds. Add the stock and boil well. Add milk, parsley and seasonings. Boil up and serve. If a richer soup is wanted, mix one yolk of egg with two tablespoonfuls of cream and strain into soup at the last.

Scottish Green Pea Soup.
Two pounds of green peas, in pod. Two pints water or white stock. Sprigs of mint and parsley. One teaspoon of sugar. Salt and pepper and a tablespoon of potato flour or cornflour. Shell the peas and put the washed pods in a saucepan. Add the measured stock or water and simmer for about twenty minutes, adding salt to taste. Strain the stock and return to the pan. Add the peas, but not the pods, along with mint, parsley, sugar and seasoning. Simmer till the peas are tender, taste for seasoning and then squash the soup through a sieve. Return all to the pan and bring to boil. Blend the cornflour with a little milk and stir into the soup. Simmer for five minutes, diluting with milk or stock if too thick. Sprinkle in a little chopped parsley and mint just before serving.

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