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Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Tartans. Worn by everyone from rock stars to the Royal Family, tartan is an internationally recognised fabric and symbol of Scottishness. Now, in this comprehensive, fascinating and beautifully illustrated book, Brian Wilton traces tartan back to its roots, looking at how and where the various clan tartans began and showing how the material has spread across the world, to such an extent that 30 American states have their own tartan, and no major corporation can be without one. Arranged in geographical sections, from the Lowlands to Highlands and Islands, the book showcases 400+ tartans, explaining how they were created, what they signify and when and by whom they are worn. Alongside the classic Scottish tartans, each clearly depicted in full colour, are other examples of tartans across the world, from Argentina to the Detroit Police. Accompanying boxes discuss the wider history and role of tartans, with illustrations including eighteenth century oil paintings, Victorian engravings and modern celebrity photos. From Mary Queen of Scots to Alexander McQueen, this is the essential guide for anyone who has ever fancied sporting a sporran. Tartans.

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