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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Best Scottish Medieval History

Best Scottish Medieval History. A history of medieval Scotland, concentrating on the period between the middle of the eleventh century and the Reformation and taking full account of recent scholarship. It is primarily a political and ecclesiastical study, analysing the development of the institutions of the Scottish state, conflict and co-operation between the crown and the nobility, relations with external powers, the history of the church in Scotland, and the formation of a distinctive Scottish identity. The Wars of Independence are examined in their historical context, and elements of identity and change are identified across the whole period. Particular emphasis is placed upon relations between core and periphery in medieval Scotland and on the difficulties experienced by the crown in imposing royal authority in the north and west. Medieval Scotland (Cambridge Medieval Textbooks).

Outlaws of Medieval Scotland. Challenges to the Canmore Kings, 1058-1266. The history of the so-called Canmore kings in Scotland, from the reign of Malcolm lll (1058-93) down to that of Alexander lll (1249-86), is marked by an array of insurrections led by discontented dynasts and native warlords with grievances against these kings. Although none of the challenges ultimately proved successful, they nevertheless form a much-neglected theme across a formative era of Scottish history, which they in part define. This book demonstrates that the Canmore kings maintained their grip on power in large measure through crushing rivals and quashing numerous insurrections; their claim to be the founders of the medieval kingdom is valid, but the roles of violence and military confrontations in the consolidation of their power and the formation of the medieval kingdom are given new emphasis here. From well-known events like the invasion of Somerled of Argyll in 1164 to lesser-known challenges like that from Donald MacWillliam in the 1180s, the book offers a systematic exploration of the leaders of insurrection, their aims and motivations, their military capabilities, and the reasons behind their failure as well as the overall impact of insurrection upon the Scottish kingdom. Outlaws of Medieval Scotland: Challenges to the Canmore Kings, 1058-1266.

Burgess, Merchant and Priest. The Medieval Scottish Town. This work examines what life was like in the new communities founded by David I in the 12th century, such as Perth, Aberdeen, Elgin, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It looks at houses, clothes and lifestyles, and also in relation to the religious houses which played such an important part in their life. Burgess, Merchant and Priest: The Medieval Scottish Town (The Making of Scotland): The Medieval Scottish Town (The Making of Scotland).

Puir Labourers and Busy Husbandmen. The Medieval Countryside of Scotland 100-1600. This title explores the new way of life brought to the Scottish medieval countryside by feudalism, the threat of revolution, and the spread of Benedictine monasticism. It focuses on the day-to-day activities of farming, peat extraction, woodland management, milling, malting, baking and brewing. Puir Labourers and Busy Husbandmen: The Medieval Countryside of Scotland 100-1600 (The Making of Scotland): The Medieval Countryside of Scotland 100-1600 (The Making of Scotland).

Medieval Scotland. Explore Scottish History. A study of the history of medieval Scotland. It is part of a series which offers an insight into Scotland's past and a general overview of the country's history. These books aim to develop historical skills and provide suggestions for further research. The volume: seeks to integrate social, economic, political and cultural developments to give a balanced view of Scottish history; places events in context through comparison with contemporary developments outside Scotland; helps readers to understand the past through the analysis of historical evidence; and uses timelines to give an overview of the period. Medieval Scotland (Explore Scottish History) (Explore Scottish History).

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