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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Scottish Kilt Pin

Hi Sandy, Having come across your web site, I am hoping that you might be of some assistance. I recently came into possession of a kilt pin that my sister gave to me, having been given to her by my mother, a former jeweler. You can view some photographs of it at the following site:

From what I understand it was custom made for a Scottish comedian or humorist who was apparently quite popular in the early 20th century, someone with the initials "HL" that are engraved on the pin. However, the gentleman apparently never took possession of it. I also understand that the thistle is thought to be crystal, the gold is 15K, the stones are a variety of Jasper, and it dates to pre-World War I. My fiance and I are currently trying to obtain a value estimate of it for insurance purposes, and while we've been referred to a local auction house for this, we've thought that it might be worthwhile to see if there might be someone in Scotland, perhaps an antiques specialist, who knows a bit about kilt pins and their history. More than anything we'd like to know who the pin was made for and perhaps a bit about it's likely history. If you have any suggestion as how we might proceed it would be most appreciated. Sincerely, Evan Whitney, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

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