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Friday, 15 February 2008

Scottish Ossian

Scottish Ossian. The Poems of Ossian. With dissertations on the era and poems of Ossian and Dr. Blair's critical dissertation. Contents: A Dissertation Concerning the Era of Ossian; A Dissertation Concerning the Poems of Ossian; Dr. Blair's Critical Dissertation on the Poems of Ossian; Cath-Loda, in Three Duans; Comala; Carric-Thura; Carthon; Oina-Morul; Colna-Dona; Oithona; Croma; Calthon and Colmal; The War of Caros; Cathlin of Clutha; Sul-Malla of Lumon; The War of Inis-Thona; The Songs of Selma; Fingal, In Six Books; Lathmon; Dar-Thula; The Death of Cuthullin; The Battle of Lora; Temora, In Eight Books; Conlath and Cuthona; and Berrathon. The Poems of Ossian.

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