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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Best Scottish Wars of Independence History

Best Scottish Wars of Independence History. Freedom's Sword. Scottish Wars of Independence. A popular history of the longest period of conflict between Scotland and England. It covers the story of William Wallace and his rebellion, subject of the Mel Gibson movie "Braveheart", and goes on to explore the career of Robert the Bruce, arguably Scotland's most capable military leader ever. The text continues after Bruce's death, revealing how Scottish invasions of northern England were finally halted and peace negotiated at Berwick in 1357. After that, English military efforts were concentrated against France, beginning the "Hundred Years War". Illustrations show how the soldiers were armed and equipped during 60 years of medieval warfare. Computer-generated maps reveal how Wallace outwitted the English army at Stirling Bridge and how Bruce achieved his incredible victory at Bannockburn. Peter Winter's text vividly describes this dramatic era of Anglo-Scottish conflict. Freedom's Sword: Scottish Wars of Independence.

The Second Scottish Wars of Independence. The wars of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce cast a long shadow in Scottish history. The collapse and recovery of the Bruce cause in the reign of his son, David II, has not attracted much attention among historians of medieval warfare despite the fact that the Scots were utterly defeated in three major battles. The nobility was destroyed at Dupplin Muir, the rank and file died in droves at Halidon Hill and, at Neville's Cross, the Scottish king was captured. So how did England manage to lose the war ? Drawn from English and Scottish state papers and chronicle accounts, this new book tells the story of the armies and campaigns that would develop the tactics that gave English forces the dramatic triumphs of the Hundred Years War. The fight of Edward III and his ally come protege Edward Balliol to oust the Bruce dynasty and bring Scotland into the feudal hegemony of England provided the arena for the first chivalric war in the British Isles. It saw not only the first demonstration of the terrifying arrow storm, but was also a war of minor actions and territorial dominance in the classic guerrilla style. The Second Scottish Wars of Independence.

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