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Monday, 20 August 2007

Best Scottish August Tours

Best Scottish August Tours. Dear Sandy, As far as the tour of last week, I can sum it up as an "unbelievable educational, visual and spiritual experience". The castles, landscape, villages, museums, churches, lochs, festivals, pubs, the sea, rivers, golf courses, vintage cars and farm land all generated educational and visual lifetime memories. However, the most enjoyable experiences were the many engaging conversations with you during our tour. You are a great ambassador of your homeland, Scotland. As far as my trip to Scotland, I'm very grateful for all that I have learned and have taken away from the tour of Scotland. As the trip was being planned and up to the point of landing in Scotland, I had no knowledge of what was in store and how my Scotland vacation was going to effect me. You elevated my vacation from an expected pleasure to something that was very much unexpected and very pleasurable. The most remarkable part of achieving these results were you accomplish this by just being yourself with what appeared to be with very little effort. Through the duration of the tour I came to the conclusion that this is who you are, the real you, and for this, please accept my feelings of true appreciation. Thank you. Best Regards. Chris and Robin Choate. Best Scottish August Tours Photographs.

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