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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Best Scottish Bridal Cake

Bride's Bonn. This is a recipe from the Shetland Islands and is also known as Bride's Bun and Bridal Cake. The cake was traditionally made on the wedding day by the bride's mother who then held it over her daughter's head and broke it as the bride entered her new home as a married woman. The bride and bridegroom had to eat all the pieces of the cake to ensure a happy marriage.
5 ounces (150 g) of self-raising flour.
One teaspoon of baking powder.
2 ounces (50 g) of butter.
One ounce (25 g) of caster sugar.
One half teaspoon of caraway seeds.
A little milk to mix.
Sift the flour and the baking powder into a bowl and rub in the butter.
Stir in the sugar and caraway seeds.
Add enough milk to make a stiff dough.
Knead the dough lightly on a floured board and roll out into a round about one inch thick.
Cut the round into quarters.
Bake on a hot girdle for 5 to 10 minutes in each side.
These are best served the same day.
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