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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Haunted Tours of Scotland

his is a collection of over 100 tales of murder, ghosts and ghouls, body-snatching and witch-burning, which reveal the darker side of genteel Edinburgh's history. Included are the macabre exploits of the capital's infamous villains; Deacon Brodie, and Burke and Hare. Ghostly Tales and Sinister Stories of Old Edinburgh.

A ghoulish collection of over 200 hauntings from the lenght and breadth of Scotland, from the Borders to Shetland. Not for the squeamish, Scottish Spectres is a fascinating book full of well researched and original ghostly happenings painstakingly gathered by the author. Scottish Spectres.

The sensational new book from Scotland's master of the supernatural. Halliday has specialist knowledge of the scene in Glasgow: he was an Evening Times columnist on this subject for many years and he has used this to provide the reader with a unique insight into the spirits that have haunted the city for centuries. Haunted Glasgow.

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