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Friday, 11 April 2008

Best of The River Clyde Scotland

The River Clyde. From the Source to the Sea. Scottish Guide. Beginning deep in the hills of South Lanarkshire, the River Clyde twists her way for over 100 miles through a remarkably varied landscape, eventually flowing into the Firth of Clyde near to the towns of Gourock and Helensburgh. In-between, the River Clyde journeys along a feral and spacious landscape, tumbles down huge waterfalls, courses past historic buildings, by world renowned shipyards, man-made lochs, a world heritage site, and the magnificent architecture of her buildings and bridges. It is an integral part of the Scottish landscape, one rich in wildlife, and with a history almost unparalleled. Through beautiful photographs and incisive text, The River Clyde, from the Source to the Sea, celebrates the outstanding beauty, scale and diversity of this magnificent river, the crucial part she has played in the development of Scotland's industry, the battles fought, the role she has played in the lives of many from Roman times to present day, and the abundance of flora and fauna to be found by her banks in all seasons and weather. The River Clyde, from The Source to The Sea also details 12 simple walks which will allow readers to discover for themselves the magnificence that is the River Clyde. The River Clyde: From the Source to the Sea.

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