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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Scottish Prisoners of War

All Men Are Brethren. Prisoners of War in Scotland 1803-14. This is the first book to attempt a comprehensive and detailed history of the thousands of French and other prisoners of war (POW) in Scotland during the Napoleonic Wars.

In 1803–14 POW in Scotland endured experiences similar to but also different from prisoners of more recent times. All Men are Brethren describes conditions at each Scots depot (as the POW camps were then termed) at locations such as Edinburgh Castle, Perth and Penicuik.

Describes in vivid detail how the prisoners passed their years of captivity, gambling, forging banknotes, making impressive items from straw, paper, wood, hair and mutton bones from their rations, playing musical instruments, attending education classes, fencing with sticks, keeping pets and even playing cricket. From the culmination of twenty years of research and writing, this book is based on material from the National Archives in Kew and Edinburgh, on diaries and memoirs by prisoners, and on reports in contemporary Scots and English newspapers. All Men Are Brethren.

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