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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Scottish Bouldering

Scottish Bouldering. Bouldering in Scotland. A full-colour companion to all the best bouldering areas in Scotland, with hundreds of topos, maps, photographs and circuits for the travelling boulderer. It also documents the history of bouldering in Scotland and points to a limitless future for new bouldering from a vibrant community of climbers.Scotland is an exciting and vast geological arena for bouldering. This new guide covers recent development and classic bouldering in the main areas: Dumfries and Galloway, the Clyde Valley, the Trossachs and Arrochar, Lochaber and Glen Nevis, Torridon and Applecross, the East Coast, Aberdeenshire, Inverness and Strathspey, the Far North West and the Islands. Each area is given access maps, diagrams and photo-topos to pinpoint the classic problems and testpieces. It is a guide for the dedicated boulderer as much as the travelling circuit boulderer, and will appeal to all those who enjoyed the first edition. This new edition is full colour and has been radically updated and exhaustively researched. Bouldering in Scotland: The Stone Country Guide to (Stone Country Guides).

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