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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Scottish Kith and Kin

Scottish Kith and Kin 2008. An old Gaelic proverb says "Remember the men from whence you came" Scots Kith and Kin is a compact and comprehensive guide to over 4,000 Scottish family names and their clan affiliations. Whether you are a Highlander curious in your local heritage or a second generation Scot living abroad and piecing together your origins, this book will enable you to track down your roots. Whether you are an Abbott or a Yuill the easy-to-use book will enable you to find: Where and when your surname originated The clan to which you belong The history of your clan It is also a fascinating key to understanding all the other names which you may be heir to and features a fold-out colour map of Scotland showing the homelands of the clans and illustrating significant events in Scottish history. Collins Guide to Scots Kith and Kin: A Guide to the Clans and Surnames of Scotland.

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