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Friday, 25 April 2008

The Scottish Vigil

The Scottish Vigil. The Cairn above located on Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland, was built in 1998 by the keepers of the Vigil for a Scottish Parliament. The vigil began in April 1992 when the conservatives won a forth consecutive victory in the United Kingdom general election. The vigil ended 1980 days later when in September 1997 the Scottish people voted yes to a referendum for Scotland to have her own parliament. This began the process of Scotland's devolved status.

At the foot of the Cairn is a plaque with a quote from Hugh MacDiarmid:

For we ha'e faith
in Scotland's hidden poo'ers
The present's theirs
but a the past and future's oors

The cairn contains stones from locations important to Scotland's past, for example one from Robert Burns' house, one from Robert the Bruce's castle.

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