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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Best Scottish Food

Best Scottish Food. Scottish Cookery brings up to date a book which has already been acclaimed as a modern classic. Though packed with historical information and entertaining stories about Scottish food traditions, it is above all a working cookbook. It includes the definitive ways of preparing all the great Scottish dishes: Oatcakes and Bannocks, Haggis and Clootie Dumpling, Cock-a-Leekie and Cullen Skink, Shortbread and Black Bun and many, many more. Scottish cooking and food thinking have evolved in recent years and the mantra buy local, eat local is now widely promoted. When it was initially published, Scottish Cookery was one of the first books of its kind to highlight Scotland's natural larder. Scottish ingredients, vegetables, seafood, cheese, game, are rich and varied, and in demand thrrought the world. Catherine Brown explains how to get the best out of these ingredients and, in a new chapter for this edition, she gives extensive details on where to find the best producers, suppliers and retailers including farmshops and key organisations. Scottish Cookery. Best Scottish Cooking.

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