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Friday, 3 August 2007

Rum Scotland

Rum, Scotland. Rum: Nature's Island is the fascinating story of a Hebridean island from the earliest times through to the Clearances. It recalls the island in the days it was the sporting playground of a Lancashire industrial magnate, and celebrates its rebirth as a National Nature Reserve, a model for the active ecological management of Scotland's wild places. Thoroughly researched and written in a lively accessible style, the book includes comprehensive coverage of the island's geology, animals and plants, and people, with a special chapter on the Edwardian extravaganza of Kinloch Castle. There is practical information for visitors to what was once known as the Forbidden Isle; the book provides details of bothy and other accommodation, walks and nature trails. It closes with a positive vision for the future of the island: biologically diverse, economically dynamic and ecologically sustainable. Rum: Nature's Island.

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