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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Out of the Mists

Out of the Mists. With wit and humour, award-winning author John Barrington intersperses history and legend, tradition and fable to create a compelling and entertaining collection of stories. Why did Saint Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland? Why did the unicorns never quite make it onto Noah's ark? How did Scotland get rid of its last dragon? How did Arthur's Seat get its name? This delightful collection with tales of roaming giants, marauding monks and weird witches will leave you awestruck. Enter into this mystical world of wonder and whimsy and be enthralled by all the magic, madness and mayhem in store! This collection of traditional stories gathered from all reaches of Scotland and passed down through generations, customs and traditions is a wonderful new look at well and not so well-known stories. Out of the Mists (Luath Storyteller).

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