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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Tales of the North Coast

Tales of the North Coast. Seals and shipwrecks, witches and fairies, curses and clearances, fact and fantasy - the authentic tales in this collection come straight from the heart of a small Highland community. Children and adults alike respond to their timeless appeal. These Tales of the North Coast were collected in the early 1970s by Alan Temperley and young people at Farr Secondary School in Sutherland. All the stories were gathered from the area between the Kyle of Tongue and Strath Halladale, in scattered communities wonderfully rich in lore that had been passed on by word of mouth down the generations. This wide-ranging selection provides a satisfying balance between intriguing tales of the supernatural and more everyday occurances. The book also includes chilling eye-witness accounts of the notorious Strathnaver Clearances when tenants were given a few hours to pack up and get out of their homes, which were then burned to the ground. Luath.

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