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Friday, 11 January 2008

Best Scottish 2008 Touring Map

Best Scottish 2008 Touring Map. A comprehensive map showing the locations of over 1700 Scottish places to visit and things to do. Easy-to-use with comprehensive leisure and touring information. Features the locations of over 1700 of Scotland's visitor attractions, including: Scottish Castles, Scottish Churches, Scottish Cathedrals and Scottish historic houses, art galleries, museums, distilleries, theatres and leisure centres, country parks, gardens, nature reserves, forest trails and wildlife parks, golf courses, fishing, boat trips and skiing, Scottish guided tours, monuments, antiquities, scenic and architectural features, camping and caravan sites, Tourist Information Centres and National Tourist Routes The map has comprehensive road and motorway information and a distance chart. Scale: 5 miles to 1 inch (1 : 300 000). Scotland Touring Map (Visit Scotland).

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