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Monday, 28 January 2008

Best Scottish Dance Music

Best Scottish Dance Music. The Jimmy Shand Story. The King of Scottish Dance Music. A biography of the musician, Jimmy Shand. This book ranges from his boyhood in East Wemyss, Scotland, through the early years as an amateur accordion player, right up to the present day. It includes a listing of Shand's recordings on vinyl, cassette and CD, and also his sheet music compositions. The Jimmy Shand Story: The King of Scottish Dance Music.

Jimmy Shand Accordion Favourites. Tracks Include: The Veleta, The Gay Gordons, Cock O' The North, Major John MacLennan, Highland Scottishe, Loudon's Bonnie Woods, The Brae's O'Mar, Dundee Reel, Bonnie Dundee, The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow, Kiss Me Quick My Mother's Coming, St Bernard Waltz, Eightsome Reel Medley, Mrs MacLeod, Fairy Dance, De'il Amang The, Eileen Alannah, Miss Betty Fichet's Wedding, Lassie, Bluebell Polka, Scottish Country Dances In Strict Tempo, Hamilton House, Scottish Country Dances In Strict Tempo, Within A Mile, The Flowers Of Edinburgh, Somebody, Barn Dance, Comin' Thro' The Rye, Logie O' Buchan, Evenie, Set Of Reels, The Drummer, Loch Leven Castle, Glenlivet, Victory Waltz, Nelly Kelly, Daisy Bell, I Belong To Glasgow, Royal Scots Polka, Monymusk, Stirling Castle. Accordion Favourites.

Jimmy Shand The Golden Years. Tracks include; Bluebell Polka, Veleta, Dundee Reel, St Bernard's Waltz, Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Waltzing To Jimmy Shand, Whistling Rufus, Memories Of Robert Burns, Memories Of Robert Burns, Para Handy, Scottish Country Dances, Waltzing Through Scotland (In Strict Tempo), Mairi's Wedding, Gordon Waltz, Dundee City Police Pipe Band, Bridge Of Nairn, Irish Jigs, Buchan Waltz. The Golden Years.

The Legendary Jimmy Shand. Tracks include; Linton Ploughman, Marching With Jimmy Shand, Gaelic Waltz Selection, Gay Gordons, Bluebell Polka, Irish Two-Step, Royal Scots Polka, Highland Scottische, Swilcan, Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen, Black Dance Reel, Miss Bennetts Jig, Threave Castle Polka, Mrs Cholmondekley's Reel, Tyneside Waltz, Hooper's Jig, Neidpath Castle Strathspey, Lambs Skinnet Jig, 2/4 Marches, Galloway House Reel. The Legendary Jimmy Shand.

Jimmy Shand The Bluebell Polka; Tracks include; Bluebell Polka, Red House Reel, Lady's Fancy, Veleta, Campbell's Frolic, Set Of Strathspeys, Eightsome Reel, Strathglass House, Medley Of Reels, Gaelic Waltz Medley, Off She Goes In The North, My Love She's But A Lassie Yet, Teviot Brig Jig, St Bernard's Waltz, Birks Of Invermay, Lord Hume's Reel, Primrose Polka, Lion Standard Quadrilles, Cumberland Reel, Bonnie Anne. The Bluebell Polka.

The Jimmy Shand Book of Waltzes. A Selection of Waltz Melodies as Played by his Band Arranged for Piano and Piano Accordion: Book 1 Sheet music. The Jimmy Shand Book of Waltzes: A Selection of Waltz Melodies as Played by his Band Arranged for Piano and Piano Accordion: Book 1.

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