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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Best Scottish Wildlife Tours

Best Scottish Wildlife Tours. Birnam and Dunkeld offers some of the most amazing wildlife viewing in Scotland, thanks to its wonderful location on the River Tay and surrounding woodlands and moorlands. The Loch of the Lowes nature reserve is only three miles away, home to Ospreys, goldeneye and many ducks while the Tay holds good numbers of goosander and red breasted merganser. The surrounding woodlands and forests are home to many woodland birds such as great spotted woodpecker and treecreeper. Black grouse are numerous on the nearby moorlands and Perthshire is a hotspot for this species which is generally in decline. We offer everything from a full week package to a weekend break. Best Scottish Wildlife Tours.

Wild Land. A Photographic Journey Through the Cairngorms. This is a stunning collection of photos of the nature of one of Europes wildest landscape. This beautiful collection will inspire and amaze you. Wild Land: A Photographic Journey Through the Cairngorms.

Heritage Trees of Scotland. Tree Council. Heritage Trees of Scotland.

Scottish Wild Flowers. An ideal pocket guide to over 350 plant species found throughout Scotland Packed full of information, 'Collins Scottish Wild Flowers' is the ideal guide for both visitors and residents of Scotland who wish to learn about the fascinating wealth of wild flowers that can be found there. Each species is illustrated in full colour with a comprehensive description, plus the plant's English, Latin and Gaelic names. For ease of use, the plants are grouped together by the type of habitat in which they can be found, including Highlands, Lowlands and Coasts. Habitats are arranged from those most influenced by humans, progressively towards wilder and more remote areas. The book includes a section with up-to-date details about places of interest and the best sites for finding some of the most attractive and special species of wild flowers in Scotland. Collins Scottish Wild Flowers.

The National Trust for Scotland Book of Scotland's Wildlife. Working with the help of scientists and conservationists, including those on the staff of the National Trust for Scotland, wildlife photographer Niall Benvie has compiled a portrait of the creatures which we all think of as characteristically Scottish - red deer, pine martens, otters, mountain hares and red squirrels among the mammals, and birds such as golden eagle, ptarmigan, and red and black grouse. In all 73 species are illustrated in photographs, mostly the author's own, and described in a text which focuses upon the status of endangered species and threatened habitats, and the efforts which are being made to preserve them and, in some cases, to re-introduce species that have been lost to Scotland in the past. The National Trust for Scotland Book of Scotland's Wildlife (National Trust for Scotland) (National Trust for Scotland).

The Birds Of Scotland. Scottish Ornithologists' Club. The Birds of Scotland.

Flora Celtica. Plants and People in Scotland documents the continuously evolving relationship between the Scots and their environment. Based on a mixture of detailed research and information provided by the public, this book explores the remarkable diversity of ways that native plants have been, and continue to be, used in Scotland. The information is presented in clear and accessible format and is laced with quotations, illustrations, case studies and practical tips. The book covers the complete spectrum of plant uses, addressing their diverse roles in our diet, healthcare, culture, housing, language, environment, crafts, and much more. It is ideal as a reference book and also a delight to dip into for all those with a passion for natural history. It is illustrated in colour throughout. Flora Celtica: Plants and People in Scotland.

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