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Monday, 21 January 2008

Scottish Hill Farm

Magic Moments. Four Seasons on a Scottish Hill Farm. A Scottish hill farmer's life and how to tell it. Magic Moments: Four Seasons on a Scottish Hill Farm.

Shepherd's Delight. The Best of Tom Duncan. As Scotland's wittiest and best-informed writer on farming, Duncan has been a reader's favourite for many years. This is a collection of the very best of his columns and articles, a book that no one interested in farming and the countryside will want to be without. An astonishing range of subjects are covered: my better half, tattie howking, farmers markets, diversification, my favourite cow, the traditional shepherd, rearing pigs, the pecking order, producing real Scotch beef, the menace from townies, the tragedy of foot-and-mouth and much much more. There also eight pages of stunning colour photographs of Duncan's farm and his animals. Includes the best of Tom Duncan's columns on managing his hill farm in southern Scotland. Shepherd's Delight: The Best of Tom Duncan.

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