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Friday, 11 January 2008

Best Scottish Classic Recipes

In Classic Recipes from Scotland, master chef and food historian Tom Bridge explores the unsung glories of Scottish regional food traditions. His absolute love of food shines through as he gives practical advice on cooking a wide range of traditional Scottish dishes. Bridge also offers entertaining facts and stories behind the featured recipes, while a lavish selection of photographs whets the appetite and vividly represent the landscapes from which many of the ingredients are sourced. The recipes in this cookbook are easy to follow and capture the essence of Scottish cuisine. Many can be found on the menu in high-class 'gastro pubs', restaurants and hotels throughout Britain. Bridge offers a chance to bring these dishes into the home and rediscover the best of Scotland's culinary cuisine along the way. Over 12 mouth-watering chapters, Bridge covers every detail, from making the stock, sauces and soups to the secret of making perfect marmalade. Classic game recipes from all over Scotland are also featured, with essential ingredients including the finest Aberdeen Angus beef, smoked meats from the Isle of Islay, Ayrshire pork, Orkney lamb, and fish and seafood from Loch Fyne, Moray, Fife, Orkney and the Outer Hebrides. Elsewhere, Tom gives a master class in the art of pastries and pies, including small mutton pies traditionally dubbed 'tuppenny struggles', Ayrshire pork pies, traditional game pies, Forfar bridies and the famous Teviotdale pie. Whisky is never out of place in a cookery book and here it is intrinsic to Bridge's sweet puddings and desserts. The Scots love of baked goods like bread, biscuits and cakes comes to the fore in the chapters covering these foods. Classic Recipes from Scotland also contains over 150 website addresses, which will enable readers to obtain the Scottish produce used in many of the recipes direct from mail-order suppliers. A final chapter on how to organise the perfect Burns' Night supper rounds off a delightful collection of traditional tartan fayre. Classic Recipes from Scotland. Best Scottish Cooking.

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