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Friday, 11 January 2008

Best Scottish Bus Stories

The Bloodbus: Tales from the Glasgow Night Bus. Anyone who's ever been on the night bus in Glasgow can guess at the sort of hilarious, horrifying and hilariously horrifying stories on offer, but only The Driver knows them all.Writing under a pseudonym to protect his job, The Driver knows that Glasgow's night travellers are a law unto themselves. He also knows that the only way to stay sane when confronted with the craziest crazies, the ones that only come out on the darkest nights, is with an equally dark sense of humour. Driving his bus through Buckfast-fuelled turf wars like a giant lint-roller attracting all the mank and dirt the city has to offer, life isn't easy for a Glasgow night bus driver.Originally a hugely successful blog, "The Bloodbus" is an insight into a bizarre underworld of villainy and madness, telling in stories and illustrations of a Glasgow even more rowdy and riotous than the one we know during daylight hours. The only better way to spend the fare money might be to get a taxi home the next time you're out in Glasgow after dark. The Bloodbus: Tales from the Glasgow Night Bus. Best Scottish Books.

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