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Monday, 21 January 2008

Scottish Herbalism

Napiers History of Herbal Healing, Ancient and Modern. From early man’s first use of healing herbs to medieval doctors using herbs in addition to standard medical practice, this book covers the history and development of herbalism from prehistory to the modern day. The result is a unique trip through the history of healing, from the caves of Neolithic Kurdistan to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket on a Saturday night a hundred and fifty years ago.

A history of herbalism in Scotland. The hereditary doctors to Scotland’s kings developed Scottish herbalism from its crude Celtic roots into a sophisticated complement to their classically taught medicine. Mid-Victorian herbalists such as Duncan Napier continued this tradition into the 19th century and beyond. Duncan Napier’s casebook gives an insight into 19th century Scottish herbalism and the range of ailments he was called upon to treat. Herbalist Dee Atkinson comments on those treatments in the light of modern knowledge and methods.

An account of Napiers, Britain’s leading herbalists. Founder Duncan Napier’s autobiography details his journey from difficult childhood to practising herbalist and proprietor of his own herbal shop. A herbalist shop. A herbalist of today describes her profession education and her career as modern herbalist, with all the pressures and all the pleasures of working with a traditional business in a globally competitive environment. Napiers History of Herbal Healing, Ancient and Modern.

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